[CAS 111-42-2]
Molecular Weight : 105.2
Molecular Formula : HN(CH2CH2OH)CH2CH2OH

A white solid at room temperature and a clear, hygroscopic liquid at above 28 °C


Diethanolamine wt% 99.0 min
MEA and TEA wt% 0.5 max
Water wt% 0.15 max
Colour Pt-Co (APHA) 15 max

Physical Properties

Boiling point 760mmHg °C 269 *
Melting point °C 28.0
Solubility in water, 20 °C wt% 95.4
Specific gravity, 30/20 °C   1.0919
Viscosity, 30 °C cp 350
- Absorbent of H2S and CO2 for purifying natural gas in refinery and natural gas operations.
- manufacture of petroleum demulsifiers, oil emulsifiers, waxes, polishes,coatings, surface-active agents in textile applications and cosmetics.
- controlling pH of latex.
- emulsions and in neutralising acid clays used in rubber compounding.

Available in steel drums, 220kg net

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