Powder Form
As primary accelerator

Typical Value
Appearance -
Pale yellow powder
Assay %
95.0 min
Initial melting point °C
165 min
Loss on drying %
0.50 max
Ash content %
0.50 max
Residues on 150µm sieve %
0.1 max
Typical Density g/cm3

Pale yellow fine powder, partially soluble in water but soluble in organic solvents, like benzene, CS2.

It is used as primary accelerator in the vulcanization of NR and all sulfur curing elastomers.

It offers medium fast vulcanization and is less scorchy than MBT.

Caution for Storage

Store dry on pallets at cool and well-ventilated area, maximum 90% R.H., not exposed to heating or UV light. Avoid contact with water, acids and alkalis.
Packaging Paper bags (Net 25 kg each), palletised.

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