[CAS 141-43-5]
UN No. 2491, PGIII
Molecular Weight : 61.08
Molecular Formula : H2NCH2CH2OH

A clear, hygroscopic liquid with a mild odour.


Monoethanolamine wt% 99.5 min
Color Pt-Co (APHA) 15 max
Water wt%  
Appearance - Clear and substantially free of suspended matter

Typical Properties

Boiling point 760mmHg, °C 170.5
Melting point °C 10.5
Specific gravity 20/20 °C 1.0179

- Absorbent of H2S and CO2 for purifying natural gas manufacture of    emulsifiers, plasticizing agents, surface-active agents used in textile    applications, and cosmetics

- CO2 and ammonia manufacturing .

- Resin preparation in the rubber industry

Available in steel drums, 210kg net

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