HYSIL, the brand name of the micronized silica, is a synthetic, amorphous ,porous, free-flowing silica powder.

Typical Properties
Typical Value
Snow-white free flow powder
Mean particle size
4 to 10
BET surface area
100 to 400
Pore volume
1 to 2
Loss in weight, at 105°C, 2hr
3 to 6
Loss on ignition, at 1000°C, 2hr
5 to 10
Oil adsorption
100 to 300
SiO2 content
99 min
pH (5% aqueous suspension)
6.5 to 7.2
Grades and Application:
Grades Uses
HYSIL – 36 Anti-blocking agent for high clarity PP, PE and PVC blown and cast flims/foils.
For preparation of masterbatches of higher concentrations, giving better dispersion.
Slip control agent when used in combination with slip aids
HYSIL – 46
HYSIL – 56
Used in adhesive paper manufacturing, to enhance absorption, increase clarity and prevents soiling.
Used in rubber compounding, to improve mechanical strength and abrasive resistance, speed up curing / vulcanizing, and give better dispersion of additives and colours.
Used in paint manufacturing, to impart excellent matt finish to paints, prevents settling of pigments on storage and increases surface area covered per unit of paint.
Packaging In 20kg in woven bags with PE lining.

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