Powder Form
As primary accelerator

Typical Value
Appearance -
Pale yellow/pink powder
Assay %
95.0 min
Initial melting point °C
104 min
Loss on drying %
0.40 max
Ash content %
0.40 max
Residues on 150µm sieve %
0.1 max
Typical Density g/cm3

Pale yellow or pink fine powder, also available in granular form and in oil-coated powder form.

It is used as primary accelerator. It offers fast curing, and gives good modulus development.
Caution for Storage

Store dry on pallets at cool and well-ventilated area, maximum 90% R.H., not exposed to heating or UV light. Avoid contact with water, acids and alkalis.
Packaging Paper bags (Net 25 kg each), palletised.

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