Abbreviation TETRACHLOR
CAS No 117-08-8
Molecular Weight 285.90
Molecular Formula C6Cl4(CO)2O
Typical Value
Appearance -
White powder
Purity Wt %
99.00 Min
Insolubles in Alkali Wt %
0.5 max
Loss on drying Wt %
0.5 max
Chloride ppm
10 max
Melting Point °C
256 - 258
Chemical and Physical Properties   

Boiling Point 372°C
Solubility in Water Very slightly soluble
Specific Gravity 1.49

It is used as a flame retardant in epoxy resin, plastics, paper and textiles. It is also used as an intermediate to produce pharmaceuticals, dyes, plasticizers, and other organic compounds.
Caution for Storage

Store dry on pallets, not exposed to heating or UV light, at adequately ventilated area.
Packaging Available in 25kg bags and 1000kg bulk bags.

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