Mission & Corporate Values

Mission Statement

Be the best in supporting customers’ needs by providing outstanding value added service, whilst protecting the interests of our stakeholders, suppliers and employees.

Company Values Statement

We operate with the highest level of integrity, judicious level of transparency, and our actions guided by the need to constantly maintain a clear conscience.

Anti-Corruption / Anti-Bribery

We believe corruption is a cancer to any society that ultimately robs the people of any country our company operates in. We will therefore never compromise or accede to any form of bribery just to remain or to get ahead in business. We prefer to walk slowly along the straight and narrow path of righteousness than to succumb to temptations of rapid growth based on ill-gotten gains.

Company Safety Statement

We are committed to the safety of our employees and the public; ensuring safe practices are adopted that prevent injuries or loss to employees or physical assets.

Responsible Care Pledge

We are committed to abide by the Responsible Care Guiding Principles so as to ensure financial goals will never take precedence over safety, health and the environment.