Employee Testimonies

A great working environment family centred company with lots of work flexibility. Planet Asia has been my home away from home since 2007!

Reynold L. Lacbay
 — Systems & IT Support Manager
 ( Joined June 2007 )

My name is Anitha Ramaraj.

This is my first job and I joined this company as an internship student in the year 2005 and continue to work in Planet Asia ever since. I am engaged in developing and maintaining our In-house integrated order processing system.

I am very thankful to our boss Mr. Wilson Tan who considers employees as part of his family. He has supported me over the years with his guidance, blessings and flexible work environment. I am happy to be part of Planet Asia where skills and talents are appreciated and rewarded.

Anitha Ramaraj
 — Senior Programmer
 ( Joined July 2005 )

Ever since I joined Planet Asia, I look forward to the new experiences and the challenges that come along with work each day. I am working with some of the brightest, friendliest and most hard-working people whom together, moving towards a common goal to propel our company forward.  Every day is a new opportunity for me to learn and grow in my professional life.  I am glad to be part of this team!

Carol Loh
 — Accounts Executive
 ( Joined February 2021 )

I am Sivan working as warehouse assistant at Planet Asia. I have been employed here for the past 12 years and it has indeed been a very enriching experience for me.

The best things about working in Planet Asia are the teamwork I experience daily, the relationship I have developed, and the fact that Planet Asia really cares about their employees. I faced challenges and I also experienced very beautiful moments that will stay forever in my memory and many more to come in my life. The bosses are very supportive of what we do, and everyone here is very friendly and nice as well. The job is also fun and challenging, and while we work hard, we also play hard as well.

Planet Asia is a company that treats its employees like its highest valued asset and offers a friendly environment with a great learning experience to grow professionally and personally. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of Planet Asia and would like to express my gratitude to the whole Planet Asia Team!

 — Warehouse Assistant
 ( Joined May 2010 )

I’ve been with Planet Asia since 2003 and the whole experience has been very rewarding.

The working environment is like a family set up. Our bosses and colleagues are really helpful and caring not only in work aspect but in our personal lives as well. The harmony shared among peers is next to none.

Of course, there are occasional arguments and disagreement but it is all for the good and improvement for the company. Best of all, no one holds any hard feelings.

I gained lots of knowledge and acknowledgment during my time here in Planet Asia. Truly a great working experienced!

Mike Lim
 — Operations Manager
 ( Joined February 2003 )

What impressed me about this company is the warmth and closely knitted environment stays the same throughout the 16 years I am with the company.  When I joined Planet Asia, it's small in size. Through the years, it has grown bigger in operations and numbers of staff. But we remain like a family and friends. We are able to have discussions, ask for advice and give suggestions with anyone in the company, no matter the positions (even our boss). We also have birthday celebrations, gatherings and year-end functions where we gather even our overseas colleagues. This helps to forge a closer connection with each other and the company as we worked together for the good of the company.

Ng Sin Yee
 — Marketing Executive
 ( Joined July 2006 )

The corporate culture of Planet Asia is one of trusting, openness, nurturing, empowerment, integrity and forward looking. As an employee, I feel assured of my future in terms of job security and progress.

Under a leadership who is constantly seeking out opportunities in adversities, I have seen the company evolving in the right direction towards growing industries and territories. While there are bound to be frustrations and mishaps due to changes, all-the-more it calls for a strengthening of our internal collaboration, communication and innovation.

Another plus point which I have enjoyed working in Planet Asia is its humane, down-to-earth work environment that does not tolerate office politics. This is displayed in our day-to-day dealings with internal colleagues and external vendors and customers. This goes very well with my personal faith and beliefs.

If you ask me how long more will I stay in this company, I would say as long as I can contribute and make a difference!

Tiffany Khong
 — Sales Admin Manager
 ( Joined July 2000 )

Year 2022 is my 19th year in Planet Asia. I was employed to explore expanding the company's business to China markets and was based in Shanghai for 7 years before relocating back to Singapore as Product Manager. Four years ago, I was promoted as Business Director. In the last 19 years, I have enjoyed working in an environment which encourages self-motivation, personal responsibility, teamwork through mutual support and a strong corporate culture of encouraging robust discussions and diverse views and opinions. I have grown together with my company's business. We share information and communicate effectively and candidly. We study market trends and information and try to stay one step ahead of the industry. We move decisively with joint effort as a team. I feel that we are very blessed with colleagues from different countries and supplier/ principals across the continents who shared the same belief and culture, forming the synergy for continuous growth in sales revenues, product lines and geographic coverage. I would never regret to enjoy another 19 years in Planet Asia. Looking forward to enjoying the good time with you too, my future colleagues, suppliers , customers, and other business associates!

David Cheng Wenbin
 — Business Director
 ( Joined December 2003 )