Business Units

We partner with selected technologically leading companies to develop, manufacture and market differentiated human, animal and plant nutrition products that are supportive of our vision and mission. We also partner with leading channel partners and customers to deliver our technologies and create economic and sustainable values.

Since 1999, we have partnered with the Environmental Catalysts division of what is known today as Shell Catalyst & Technologies (SC&T) to bring to the market cost effective catalytic destruction of dioxins and furans from municipal solid and hazardous liquid waste incineration facilities, and catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides produced by chemical plants.

As our concrete and tangible contribution to the global effort of achieving a net-zero world, we partner with technologists who dare to be different to develop, manufacture and market products aimed at reducing carbon emissions and generating fuel additives from recycled waste.

We market a range of industrial equipment which are cost effective and yet offers outstanding performance and value to the discerning end users.

Over the past 20 years we have partnered leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals from around the world to provide products of consistent quality and responsible pricing.

Planet Asia distributes an extensive range of engineering plastics and medical polymers supplied by a selection of established global producers many of whom have been working closely with us for over 10 to 20 years.