David Cheng Wenbin

Year 2022 is my 19th year in Planet Asia. I was employed to explore expanding the company's business to China markets and was based in Shanghai for 7 years before relocating back to Singapore as Product Manager. Four years ago, I was promoted as Business Director. In the last 19 years, I have enjoyed working in an environment which encourages self-motivation, personal responsibility, teamwork through mutual support and a strong corporate culture of encouraging robust discussions and diverse views and opinions. I have grown together with my company's business. We share information and communicate effectively and candidly. We study market trends and information and try to stay one step ahead of the industry. We move decisively with joint effort as a team. I feel that we are very blessed with colleagues from different countries and supplier/ principals across the continents who shared the same belief and culture, forming the synergy for continuous growth in sales revenues, product lines and geographic coverage. I would never regret to enjoy another 19 years in Planet Asia. Looking forward to enjoying the good time with you too, my future colleagues, suppliers , customers, and other business associates!

David Cheng Wenbin
 — Business Director

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