Francis Lee

I joined Planet Asia Pte Ltd on 2nd May 2021. When I first joined the company I was warmly welcome by the team in the office. My new colleagues were friendly and helpful to help me settled into the office comfortably.

After a few months working in the company, I could see that everyone is very focus and committed to their job. Although everyone is busy with their individual job responsibility, they are cooperative with one another to achieve the bigger goal for the company.

What impress me most is the friendly and caring culture, whereby there is always generosity of sharing, looking out for one another and celebration of birthdays.

The office environment is cosy and friendly, especially the pantry area where it is always filled with laughter, sharing of good food and the aroma of coffee smell.

Our boss, Mr. Wilson Tan, is a man full of energy, big visions, enthusiasm, and most of all a man of big heart for every employee. He believes the success of the company doesn’t just rely on him alone, but also the team that is working with him, and above all, the God he has put his faith in. No matter how busy he is, he will never miss a call on his mobile phone. The welfare of the employees is always on his top priorities.

Lastly, I must say I feel blessed to be part of this company.

Francis Lee
 — HR & Admin Manager